Our Family

My One in a Million Girl

Me and my girl ❤️ Keelie has struggled with school since first grade. Fine motor skills were especially difficult for her. For years I suspected she had dysgraphia.  Keelie would grip her pencil so tight, her hand would shake. To help fix this, we had her learn how to sew, we used thumb tacks and… Continue reading My One in a Million Girl


Trying to Conceive: from Hopes, Dreams, Prayers, and Wishes

Wade and I were both in our twenties and thought getting pregnant would be the fun and easy part.  For years, we had always been so careful. After a few months of going at it like bunnies, I was shocked and a little scared when I didn’t get pregnant right away. By Christmas, I was… Continue reading Trying to Conceive: from Hopes, Dreams, Prayers, and Wishes


Hopes, Dreams, Prayers, and Wishes

As some of you may already know, I am writing a book.  It's a memoir or a 'non-fiction narrative,' since I am not famous and memoirs are typically written by famous people. It's a story, my story, written from my perspective, about going through the struggles of infertility, miscarriages, the adoption process, and finally becoming… Continue reading Hopes, Dreams, Prayers, and Wishes