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Thrift Store Date Night

A couple of years ago, I planned a date night inspired by the song, Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

It was one of the funniest, craziest, laugh until we cried, and then laugh some more date nights ever!

 I sent out an invite via Facebook to a bunch of friends who I thought would go for it. (When you’re going out like this, it really is the more the merrier!)

We’re gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in our pocket. We’re huntin’ lookin’ for a come up, this is gonna be awesome!

Let’s have a crazy fun thrift store date night!

Here are the rules:

Each person will pick out their spouse’s (or BFF’s) surprise outfit at a thrift shop using ONLY $10-$15 The more outrageous, the better!

The outfit has to be washed…we don’t want anyone smelling like R. Kelly’s sheets!

The outfit must be gender-specific and the right size. Nobody wants to see anyone in an outfit two sizes too small!

We’ll meet up for the outfit reveal and then go out for dinner, drinks, and a comedy club!

Buying the outfits was almost as fun as the date night itself! After dropping the kids off at school, four of us hopped into a girlfriend’s minivan and headed downtown in search of special outfits for our husbands.

My friend scored big on a fur coat and a T-shirt with a cat dressed up like a king that said, “The Struggle is Real.”

Another friend found a see-through long sleeve tiger shirt, a sweet leather vest, and sparkly USA belt buckle.

For $12, I found a pair of really baggy jeans, a ‘Hood Famous’ T-shirt, and a pair of Nike shoes that looked like they’d never been worn. While it wasn’t as outrageous as my friend’s finds, it was still way out of Wade’s comfort zone.

When it was our turn to find out what our husbands picked out for us, I’m not going to lie, we were worried our husbands would find the sluttiest outfits they could find, but no…check out our thrift store get-ups!


‘Hood Famous’ Wade and ‘Church Lady’ Nicci

My dress still had tags on it from Montgomery Ward!

Rocking our thrift store finds at the restaurant and comedy club. Surprisingly, the comedian did not take this golden opportunity to make fun of us. I wonder if he thought we were crazy.

It was seriously one of the most fun, memorable date nights ever!

I want to do it again!  Would you be in?  


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