Memory makers, Our Family


The first time we ever went camping, the kids were little…

Keelie was 5, Kacy was 3, Averi was 2, and Caden was 16 months old.

While camping in the UP, we visited Tahquamenon Falls

Wade bought a huge tent, a couple of air mattresses, some sleeping bags, camping chairs, lanterns, and flashlights. The tent was big enough to hold two queen-sized air mattresses and Caden’s pack-n-play (portable crib).

The kids had a ball, but it was too hot during the day to take a nap. When it finally cooled off at night and we all went to sleep, Averi got motion sickness on the air mattress and vomited all over me. Thankfully, the vomit was contained an old T-shirt that I slept in, so I just threw it away and called it good.

The next day, the kids got up and played outside all day long. We cooked hotdogs over the fire, ate s’mores, played mini-golf for the first time, and the campground had lots of fun activities for the kids to do. Everyone had a blast! We loved the experience of camping, minus the sleeping in a tent part.

When we got home from that first camping trip we decided to look into a camper for our family and found one with quad bunks. It was perfect for our family.

That winter, we went to a camping and RV show. Someone had renovated an old airstream in bright fun colors. It was a hobby that she and her dad did together. That’s when Wade decided to renovate our camper and surprise me.

This man amazes me! I can’t sew a stitch and he renovated the whole camper…he reupholstered all the furniture, made the curtains, sheets for the kids’ beds, everything! Wanna see it? Click on Rosted Camper for a video tour!

We’ve had our camper for 8 years now and have made so many fun memories. All four of our children learned how to ride their bike on a camping trip, we’ve had fun doing activities like bubble wars, shooting rockets, and playing family dodgeball. These memories are priceless. ❀️

Learning how to fish with daddy!
Getting back to nature

Family Dodge Ball! Fun for all ages!


The kids made superhero capes at the campground
Exploring the Tart trail in Traverse City
Rosted family at Jellystone Campground with Yogi Bear

We’ve camped all over Michigan in our little camper. I bought a camping journal to log our trips and write down all the places we’ve been and the things we’ve done. Some of our favorite spots are Rose Lake Campground in LeRoy, Timber Ridge in Traverse City, Hidden Ridge in Hopkins, Mill Creek in Mackinaw City, and all the Jelly Stone campgrounds.

Home away from home
My four loves at Lake Michigan

I’d love to hear your favorite camping memories!




5 thoughts on “Camping”

  1. We love camping too, but we stick with the tent πŸ™‚ . We always pick campgrounds with pools and swimming as we don’t get that at home. Like you, we are all about the kid activities, smores, camping over the fire and family fun.


    1. We could probably pull off a tent now that the kids are older, but because of all the work Wade put into our camper, I don’t see me giving that up very easily. 😁❀️


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