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Super Silly Spaghetti Night

When you think back to your own childhood, it plays out like a highlight reel. What typically stands for out are the traditions and any unexpected surprises, both positive and negative.

I’m hoping to fill my children’s memories with more positive memories than negative, so every once in a while, I will intentionally do something to create good memories for my kids.

Imagine throwing a big pile of spaghetti on the table and telling your family to just go for it. No plates, no forks, just go for it!

The only rule: no throwing your food!

The first time I did this, my husband thought I’d lost my mind. Now, it’s become somewhat of a tradition and the most requested birthday dinner.

All you need is a disposable plastic table cloth (the kind you find at the dollar store) and your favorite spaghetti dinner. That’s it!

The best part: clean up is a breeze. Put the kids in the shower or tub and just gather up the plastic cloth and throw it away! Boom. Done!

We’ve even invited our neighbors to join in on the fun and had Super Silly Spaghetti outside. Because we were outside, we threw out the no throwing your food rule. It was crazy, messy, fun! Afterward, the kids ran through the sprinkler and then jumped into the pool.

I’m pretty sure they’ll all remember this day forever!

What are some fun things you do to intentionally create good memories with your kiddos?


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