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Trick or Treat

One of my favorite traditions is to BOO our neighbors.  If you haven’t done so yet, I highly recommend it.  It’s kind of like ding-dong-ditch where you knock on your neighbor’s door and RUN hoping not to get caught, except you leave a little treat bag for them to find.


We filled our boo buckets with some treats, fun Halloween toys, and a couple of bottles of beer for the adults.  I added a You’ve Been Booed sign I found on Pinterest from Happiness is Homemade. (I’m all about NOT reinventing the wheel!)


It was 7:30 on a school night, so we were in a hurry to BOO one of our neighbors who has a kindergartener before he went to bed.  We jumped in the van and headed to their house first. The kids love sneaking around in the dark and doing the actual booing, and my job is to drive the get away car…err mini-van.  I turned off the lights as we drove about half way up our neighbor’s driveway (They have a really long driveway). The kids jumped out and headed up to our unsuspecting neighbor’s door.

Meanwhile, I went to turn the van around so we could make a clean get away.  I tried to maneuver the van so that I wouldn’t go onto their grass, but then, front tires did.  As soon as my front tires left the pavement, they sank. I tried putting the van in reverse, but it wouldn’t budge.  I thought maybe I was on a ledge so I hit the gas a little harder and I could hear my tires spin.  Then, I tried going forward…nope.

At this time the kids are running back to the van yelling “GO GO GO!!!”


I tried a few more times to get out.  We all rocked our bodies back and forth inside the van hoping to get some momentum. After a few teamwork attempts, we realized the van was going nowhere and it was completely blocking their driveway.   The kids were mad that they would know who booed them, but we had no choice but to go knock on their door and ask for help.

My girls are ticked, but my neighbor’s son is happy!  He knows who Booed him now!

By the time I made it to their door, I was cracking up.  Thankfully I have really good neighbors.  Not only were they willing to help, but they offered me a solo cup of wine too! “Yes, please!”

As we are walking up the driveway, my neighbor laughs and says, “Do you know what this reminds me of?”

I knew right away.  The same story came to mind as I had to walk to their house for help.  A few years ago, Bryan, our neighbor, broke up with a girlfriend at his house in the middle of snowstorm.  About an hour after she left his house, Bryan was heading to bed when there was a knock at his door.  The poor lady got herself stuck going up the hill on our road and had to do the walk of shame back to his house for help.  Between the current situation and the memory of Bryan, we were all laughing.

We tried pushing the van out, but that just made things worse.  Mud flew everywhere! I laughed so hard, I peed my pants a little. Which just made me laugh even harder.

Finally, we hooked my van up to their SUV and I was FREE leaving two holes where my tires once were.

Thankfully, my neighbors didn’t seem too upset about the mess I made. The kids, started playing in the mud and tried to fix the gaping holes I left in their grass. Oh well, it was  shower night anyway. Thank God for good neighbors!

trick or treat



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